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Nostradijkhuis strikes again!

Stephen Crowley of Magellan (no link pending address change) just announced that he is moving the comic to Graphic Smash! Congratulations Stephen!

Now, let me draw the reader's attention to the list of comics links on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan front page, where a link to Magellan was added just a week ago. As you may know, the link list has been a very good predictor of which comics are moving up in the world. But it gets better: before including the comic in the link list, I wrote this:

I've known Stephen, the artist, online for some time, and I'm glad to see that having the comic on Keenspace has revitalised it and brought it many new readers! He has another comic, Magellan, on there as well now, which I recommend the Graphic Smash people to look into because the combination of superheroes and a European-inspired clear-line style is very appealing and the writing is really strong.

God, I'm good.

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you are spooky! do you have a crystal ball or something? ;)

Took you a while to notice :)


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