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Ramblings in Groningen

Arr! So, day three of my stay in Groningen, and we haven't killed each other yet, even after making Tuesday's Dangerous and Fluffy. Always a good sign for collaborations, that!

Perhaps a sample is in order, in a size suitable for an MSN messenger icon:

Further informtion about that when I get home, as I didn't bring the cable I need to download the pictures.

But I digress.

Friday, due to me having to stay up late, was spent mostly with a slow tour around Groningen (Which has a statue of a naked woman with a sheep, a theatre festival whose prgram has sheep on it, and several sheep pastures just outside of town.), followed by a party with the artistic types in Groningen that included me,Jeroen, and Reinder with a rendition of "Combine Harvester". Twas fun, but I fear having to wake up at 4am to catch my plane left me unable to do much more.

Saturday involved the creation of the Chapter 2 opening comic of Dangerous and Fluffy (A peek into one of Gregory's comics), a look around Jeroen and Reinder's studio, (Reinder was working on a comic for Courtly Manners that included, in the background, a painting of Fiefelsfalsfaffel lying naked with a sheep, and a painting with two suspiciously familiar women... but I mustn't say more.), a trip to the Comics Museum, in which I suddenly realised that far too many absolutely superb comics were only available in Dutch, and thus I will have to learn it. Damn. I discussed my plans for early Chapter 2 of D&F with Reinder, and he discussed the Tamlin story to follow the Rite of Serfdom with me. Following this, we went to the theatre festival (with the sheep advertising).

There was superb fire juggling, delicious poffertjes (something like a spherical pancake, with alcohol drizzled on top.), and the completely unexpected sight of the piss-cross.


A piss cross is a way for men to urinate in public in a not-particularly private place. They stand just next to pedestrian paths, and block the view of the front three or four inches of the man from view when he stands at one of the four urinals

I didn't take the photo myself, they were in use and, frankly, the men using them were rather burly and bigger than me, and I didn't want to explain why I was photographing them urinating, so I found one online.

Following that, we went to the much-vaunted (and very, very cheap) nightclub, Vera, and indeed it was very nice, and had very good and inexpensive alcohol. Sadly, though, it was also packed with new university students, limiting the fun. Arr, weel! Next time.

After a good sleep, it was time for a bike ride with Reinder and Sidsel. I havn't ridden a bike in ten years, ever since my parents took me to a lecture on bike safety that took pains to teach all the children that if you don't wear a helmet, you could be very badly hurt or die.

They then refused to buy me a helmet. Ah, well. Happily, after a couple bike exchanges to get me the only bike in good nick, I was able to do quite well and keep up. My arse is very, very sore, though. Hopefully, that'll die down in time.

Arr! And, besides me interviewing Reinder, that gets me up to date! Until next blog!

-Adam Cuerden


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