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Better-looking money

A website with designs for the Euro that weren't used. Many of them look a lot better than the drab, nondescript bills we ended up with.
Jaap Drupsteen's designs are well worth looking at. They're not as good as the ones he did for the Dutch currency, but they would have been a lot easier to tell apart than what we got. Do look at the full-sized images; the colors on the thumbnails have been muted.

(Via A Fistful of Euros which is one year old today!)

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I am surprised that you as a Dutch phantasy artist did not pick the Oxenaar designs. I would have chosen those just to see the smoke coming out of the ears of Christian folk.

Well it's not as if I looked very thoroughly. It was more of a "oh, that's interesting, let's blog it for future reference" sort of thing. Because my memory is like a watchamacallit with holes in sort of thingy.

Yeah, I know what you mean, it's one the tip of that thing in my mouth.

What I want to know is who designed thoise damn coins? They all look almost identical, except for the very small coins that are being pulled out of service in many countries. I mean, when you have trouble telling a 20cent, 50cent, 1 and 2 apart without pulling them out of your wallet and looking closely, something's wrong.

There's a school of thought that if you design a group of connected things, be they a series of coins, tags in a mark-up language, pages on a website, cutlery, a series of dictionaries, these things should all look alike. That way, it is easy for users to tell that they are all part of the same set.

Even though I am not a graphical person, I think the thought is basically correct. However, some designers overdo it. Especially when the overriding use is telling things apart, not identifying them as part of a set, there should be plenty of differences.

Perhaps the fact that this new money had to please all of Europe also played a part. People tend to go for samey stuff, not for the things that really stand out.

I wish American money looked that cool. Greenbacks are fugly.


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