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Lounging Kangaroo

Lounging kangaroo, shot yesterday at the zoo in Emmen. I've got a technical problem with my camera that prevents me from taking many photographs. It refuses to switch off, draining the batteries in no time. This animal, at least, sat still long enough for me to put batteries in the camera, and its pose, lounging on its elbows, was irresistible.
The fact that it spent its day lying on its elbows, in the shade, proves that kangaroos' intelligence is superior to humans'. Me, I bicycled 120 kilometers that day.

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Amber Thompson:

If your camera doesn't shut off, remove the batteries, when not in use, then put them back in, when you need the camera.


I understand that bicycling 120 km can get anybody in a bloody foul mood, but shooting hapless lounging kangaroos is a bit too much, Reinder.

Amber: That's what I do, but it makes spontaneous photography impossible.

At first I thought that said "Eminem".


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