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What to do for collegiate readers?

I can tell from the site statistics for Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan that the school year has started again: they're up after a long slump.
With free comics, the expected behaviour of readers in schools and colleges coming back after a long absense is for them to trawl the archives. But with subscription comics, this is not such an easy option. Of course, what I'd like all of those returning readers to do is subscribe, but let's be realistic: most Modern Tales subscribers are out of college and in the workforce. It's not technically impossible for most students to do the legwork and fork up the money to subscribe, but I can't blame them for choosing to spend their pennies on something else.
Maybe Modern Tales should have "back to school/college" events allowing student readers to catch up more easily or cheaply. I know that MT is working on day passes-those could fulfill the same functions. Perhaps a Salon style arrangement could be implemented in which people can get a peek into the archives in exchange for sitting through a long ad.
But none of these ideas could be implemented in time for people coming back to school and wanting to catch up with ROCR *now*.
I'll think of something. I may make a visual summary of the past weeks that will at least inform readers of what they missed. Something like that, yeah.

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Actually, a one-page re-cap of key events in the previous chapter at the beginning of a new one is an excellent idea. Also for those of us that are subscribers and following the comic regularily. And especially for such a complicated storyline as the ongoing.

I'm not trying to be glib here, the idea really appeals to me.

If you could publish the re-caps ("chapter summaries" or whatever) on a free-access site with links to the relevant chapter in Modern Tales it might also bring in new readers. Accumulating over time, the re-caps would provide a digest of the entire saga. A tantalizing digest.


You know... that is a good idea and will probably be easy to do. Not too time-consuming, I mean.

Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.


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