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Groningen Trip Photo Blog - Part 1

It's a bit late, but I do believe it's about time I finish up the photo blog of the trip to Groningen! Naturally, I'll concentrate on what I managed to get photographs of, as I fear I forgot to take my camera to one or two places, but you can always read my original entry here.

I left quite early Friday morning, after spending some time hiding my monitor in my closet, unplugging everything, and so on. Hiding the monitor in the closet was necessary since all four of my cats like to perch atop it, and destroyed the previous monitor with a hairball...

One of the four cats

Then I was off to the airport and away!

I do not seem to have gotten any photos of my first day in Groningen, no doubt because I had only gotten a few hours sleep since I had been to a communist opera the night before, Luigi Nono's Al gran sole carico d'amore. Odd sort of thing - The second act - basically brecht's Mother courage with a few other sources mixed in - was superb, but the first act, despite some superb theatre with the coffins opening and the Paris commune returning to life, was a bit too disjointed. I'm not sure if it was the production or the opera itself at fault, however.

In any case, I digress. The second day began with a trip to the studio to work on Dangerous and Fluffy, so let's have a look at how that's made! The script was the opening to Chapter 2: Capitalistman vs. the Red Menace

Jeroen reading

First Jeroen prints out and reads the script. We agreed to cut two panels, and a minor mistake of miine when fleshing out my notes of missing one thing to flesh out was spotted and fixed. We also added the final caption to replace the original panel 10 to some extent.

That done, Jeroen sketched out the layout, and began to draw it!
Jeroen drawing!

...And Reinder took me off to the Comics museum for a while. More on that below. But in the meantime, Jeroen finished drawing and inking the script. (The odd sketches surrounding the final panel were from a previous assignment involving a poster for a punk rock band)
Final Inked drawing

...And coloured it!
Jeroen Colouring

Reinder uses much the same procedure for RoCR, but he tends to have all his sketches in a small, portable book.
Reinder's Desk

Our intrepid reporter also got this picture of his desk, with hints of a future Courtly Manners scene!
Reinder's Desk #2

But Let us end this first part of the photoblog here. In the next installment: The Comics Museum (which will mean some scanning), or the Bike trip.

Footnote: The Cut Panels

Panel 9: Arkinstall, wearing the furry Cossack hat and nothing else reclines in a
Jacuzzi with Edmund (and Simon?), who is (are?), similarly attired.

Edmund: He just threw all his wealth at you?
Arkinstall: Da, comrade! The foolish American, he throws money at me to lure me from Mother Russia. I waits, then take all the money for glory of Russia! Bwahahahahah!

Panel 10:
Caption: Meanwhile....
Capitalistman, looking rather more dirty and threadbare, begs on a street corner in New York, holding up a sign reading �Support your local Superhero� People walk by him, uncaring.

Thought bubble: �You know, maybe I *should* have supported improvements to Welf- No! Mustn�t think that way! �Tis the American Way to starve!�

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