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Clan of the Cats in trouble

A worrying message from Clan of the Cats author Jamie Robertson:

I recently lost my job and COTC takes so much time to do that I fear I'll have to give it up soon.

I'd be really sad to see COTC go. It's been one of my favorite webcomics for years. It's an engaging if occasionally slow read which many ROCR readers would like. I know that because I could easily rattle off a dozen names of ROCR readers who have told me they enjoy COTC as well. Protagonist Chelsea Chattan is not unlike Kel in basic personality.

Go take a look if you're not familiar with it yet. It's ad-supported so just reading the comic will help Jamie (he may want to ask Keenspot for an advance to tide him over although there's no way for me to know if that will add up to anything), and you will probably find the time well spent. There are various subscription and donation options available, but before you look into those, just do yourself a favour and read the archive.

By the way, Jamie has contributed two guest comics to Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan: this one and this one. I contributed two guest comics to Clan of the Cats as well: this one and this one. The least, the very least you can do is check those out!

Update: Jamie has just announced that the comic will end, uncompleted, this Christmas. I'm not sure how final that is - 3 1/2 months is a lot of time to save a comic. Let's get cracking!

More on Jamie's job situation in his Livejournal

The New Site Design is up. Take a look: Clan of the Cats. It took quite a while to do everything and I’m still not finished, but it looks good to me. I’ve also started Sebo’s Kitty Klub to help bring in some money. I’ve posted on my site how my job situation is, but basically I haven’t been paid in over a month. I work at a photography studio, a family business that has been going for over 50 years. I started working there in 1987. All through the 1990s we hit highs and lows, but with the current digital camera trend, we are just about out of business. Wedding photography was down 30% in the whole state of NC this past summer. I don’t fault anyone and I’m not bitter either. I wish I could afford a digital camera myself. ;) The bad part is that I’m not making money off COTC either. It pays something every 4 months, which is better than it used to be, but far and away from making a living. So, I went and started a club to get some money in. I just hope it works. I’ll start looking for a temp job later this month, but if something doesn’t change I may have to shut down COTC and go flip some burgers or something.

I guess I shouldn’t whine. There are people in this country that have families to feed who have lost jobs. I’m just trying to keep a comic strip alive. Maybe one day when I’m long dead, people will be able to work at a job that like and get paid a decent wage. Maybe.

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I'm really sorry to hear this. Although I admit I stopped reading it regularly, COTC has been one of the best webcomics out there for years.


I'll just say amen to everything Reinder wrote. Go read those archives. Unlike so many web comics, CotC is classy right from the beginning.


When I found out about Jamie's financial woes and just how bad they were, I started beating the bushes (as it were) and letting people know. Jamie *has* a way that he can keep CotC going - he's started a subscription-based fan club called "Sebo's Kitty Klub" which costs $2.50 a month or $25/year. As a member you get four strips (updated Mondays) a month concerning Sebo and his future antics as he tries to keep Chelsea's daughter out of trouble (is that possible for a cat? Even an intelligent talking one?). These strips take place years in the future, well after the current Dracula storyline ends. You can find out more at this URL:
All he needs is 200 members. He's currently at 31.
Robert A. Howard, aka Tangent

I've joined. But this message was aimed at people who weren't reading the comic at all yet. And those should just go and read the archives first.

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