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Sunday all-weather cycling: Groningen - Pieterburen

A short trip yesterday - only about 25 kilometers to Pieterburen in the north. It took Sidsel and me forever though, because we were hampered by strong winds and nasty cold showers. The trip back took almost 3 hours! Even if that included a stopover for mustard soup at Abraham's Mustard Factory, Restaurant and Museum in Eenrum, that's the slowest we've gone so far. Serves us right for picking a route through nearly completely open space when the weather prophets had been warning of storm for days.
The strong head wind also demonstrated the difference between my Koga Myiata and Sidsel's old single-speed bike. I had a hard time but I could always switch gears; she had no such option, and even the single speed doesn't run as smoothly as mine.
While in Pieterburen, we paid a visit to the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre which in addition to rescuing and rehabilitating sick or orphaned seals does epidemiological and toxicological research into the reasons why these animals develop so many problems in the first place. The Centre is only partly open to the public - you can see the quarantine units and outdoor basins full of recovering seals, plus a room full of informational displays. It's well worth a visit, if either:

1) you're in the neighbourhood anyway; or
2) you have kids.

Kids are almost invariably smitten with the cuddly-looking, lively creatures, not just the babies but the grown-up animals as well. To us as adults, they're still pretty charming as well. They push all the cuteness buttons known to man, and a few unknown ones. Still I wouldn't go to Pieterburen just to look at the seals. If it had been earlier in the season it might have been fun to take a walking tour of the sand banks (wadden); during low tide, one can walk to one of the islands with an experienced guide, and that's one thing I've been wanting to try for some time.

But back to cycling. The Koga Miyata is a cool bike that's making long trips easier and even more fun than they were on the old bike. I'm not to keen on the racing saddle though, and I may replace it. Because the construction isn't standard, that's a bit more work than it has been with the other saddles I've been trying.
I took the bike out for a short trip on Thursday as well, trying to get used to how it handles, and I think I've ridden 200 kilometers on it since getting it. Not bad for just one week.


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