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Details, details (follow-up)

I'm in the middle of yet another work-intensive page right now (Monday's! When will I ever get a buffer done again?), but I thought I oughtta take some time out to credit two sources for the detail work on today's Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comic.
I always have to do a lot of research for scenes set in the Sinn Fae environment, the abandoned human enclave colonised by faerie radicals. I look for architecture, wood carvings, knotworks to serve as body art on the extras, and other little odds and ends as well. Most of the time, the sources are public domain, but this time, I swiped quite brazenly from living artists, so they deserve credit.

Dragon backgroundrunic body art © Carl Johan Rehbinder

The dragon background came from a body painting by Carl Johan Rehbinder. Rehbinder's version is probably derived from an existing artwork, but this is where I got it from. I initially wanted to use it as a bodypainting for one of the characters - the waitress - as well, but it didn't suit the character. It did suit the wall though.

Mask © Carl Johan Rehbinder

The waitress's headgear also came from Rehbinder's site. I don't know if he made it himself, but the effect was striking enough for me to use it for the character and make it part of the "uniform" for the inn. The knot on the waitress's wings is an Aegis knot designed by Helen Chantler of Celticjewelry.com and wasn't originally intended as a body paint. The asymmetrical design works really well with mirrored versions on each wing though. Drawing knotworks can get pretty complicated but this one is simpler than it looks.

knot and mask Aegis knot © Helen Chantler


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