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Loxie and Zoot book

Loxie and Zoot artist Stephen Crowley writes:

If you've ever even remotely thought about purchasing the book you've got until October 31 2004 to make your order... after that there will be no more books to be had... buy it now, don't let the following (hypothetical) scenario happen to you!

It's probably none of my business, but I get a bit uneasy about this sort of thing. From Stephen's comments over time, I didn't get the impression that the book was selling out, and I don't think it's POD (I have it). So what's he going to do with the unsold books? As someone who reveres books (they may get a bit battered in my hands, but I hang on to them through thick and thin), I don't like the idea of them getting pulped like what happened to Inigo Kelleigh's old small press books.
Stephen's LiveJournal, which he uses in lieu of a forum, doesn't mention the reasons for the October 31 deadline, and I can't just go in and ask.

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well, truth be known - it's just me moving on, so to speak. i can no longer afford the storage on the remaining books although i am hopeful of getting homes for most of the remaing stock first. the deadline was to shake some people out of their complacency (ie those always promising to buy it but never doing so) as much as to mobilise myself so i can stop losing money on it...


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