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Heads up # 2: Disaster has struck

Trying to fix a problem with the Wacom tablet that occurred after installing XP Service Pack 2, I have succeeded in preventing the tablet from working altogether. I need the tablet to clean and color my scanned pages, and will not even consider doing that with a mouse. I have a tablet-enabled setup at home, but it is not as good, and taking my pages from the studio to my home to scan and process (and then back to the studio to letter unless I get Paint Shop Pro working on the linux machine) will slow down my workflow considerably, unless I drastically change the way I do my work (i.e. leave the studio and do all my work from home again).
I have pledged to do this storyline in color from beginning to end. If I'm unable to color, I will have to put the comic on hiatus until the problem is solved, and this hiatus is effective immediately.
The original problem: the tablet worked only with one user at the time, which is unacceptable on a system with two heavy tablet users.
Actions undertaken: I started out re-installing the driver from the original CD. This resulted in the tablet failing to work altogether. Upgrading to a newer driver from the Wacom website had no effect. The little light at the top of the tablet is on, but the device itself does not appear to be home.
Have any of you had this problem on a Windows box before? What would you recommend I do?

Update: Never mind. I have rolled back Service Pack 2.


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