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Stillborn puppy

I don't like rejection. Who does? But you don't get through 4 years of art college without learning to deal with it. Still, this particular rejection got to me. I was asked to submit a comic for a Dutch alternative comics magazine Zone5300. I submitted a four page story written bij the chief editor of the magazine mid-August, had a positive response from said editor and a parting senior editor. But then out of the blue, yesterday, 5 or 6 weeks later, I got an email they've decided to reject the comic after all. The reason they waited this long is because they wanted to consider it properly. Which sounds like a rather lame excuse for "Hmm, this might do as a filler, let's first see what else we get and not let him know we think it's sub-par anyway." Sub-par comics being the reason I cancelled my subscription to the magazine a couple of years ago. Which makes me fear I turned in really crappy work. Well, see for yourself, here it is online, and feel free to let me know what you think... Read on for a quick translation

Title: Hard to translate, it refers to the title of a well known Dutch novel. In short it means something like: "About a puppy"
Page 1, panel 3 "Gee, what a nice puppy"
Page 2 panel 3 "Funny to see a pup grow"
Page 4 panel 2 "It's getting chilly. I'm going in."
Page 4 panel 3 "See you tomorrow!"

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Adam Cuerden:

I like it. It's nicely surreal. Remembered it as being a bit shorter, though.


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