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Holsclaw to Republicans: police yourselves

I don't know how many people reading this are Republican-voting Americans - probably not too many by now. My fault - whenever one shows up in the comments, I tend to give only short, snarky responses, or not respond at all. I have my reasons; let's just say they have to do with wanting to avoid too much emotional investment in political debate.
That doesn't mean I don't read those few comments that have come from you guys. I do, often more than once. And I do pay attention to substantial arguments coming from right-wingers elsewhere in the big ol' blogosphere.
Why do I poke my head out right now to mention this? Well, it just so happens that one of those right-wingers I pay attention to is Sebastian Holsclaw of Obsidian Wings, and he has something to say :

My message to Republican leaders is this, either listen to the moral implications, or at least learn Dan Rather's lesson. The blogosphere is beginning to focus its attention on this issue... Put it to rest now. Admit that you hadn't fully thought through the implications of this small section of the bill and move on. It would be the height of foolishness to risk the American public's backing for the War on Terror on a practice which is both highly immoral and typically unhelpful. We are going to have to steel the public's nerves for a lot of things to come in the future. It would be a shame to waste time and energy defending the unhelpful and indefensible instead of dealing with other issues which are highly useful to the war and merely tough to defend.

Read the whole thing, and then start taking action so that this thing is off the table before the election.


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