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mclusky did Vera

They rocked.

They did! *And* they did three things right;
1) I've seen many a band since I've started to work in -Vera "Club for the international pop-underground," and as I've been working there for several years, I've seen many a band twice. mclusky is one of the very few bands that equalled they're first performance there! A lot of bands 'sold out' or I just lose interest seeing them the second time. Not these guys, just as vibrand noise rock that got me going their first visit.
2) They played their songs better live than they do on their albums... Boldly, they started their performance with their "hit" 'Lightsaber Cocksucking Blues' which has a somewhat dubious title, I admit, but is an excellent energetic in your face song, which should get you moving, which is the point, isn't it...
3) A good test: they got a good mosh pit going within three songs. You should know that in Groningen, where Reinder and I live, it is generally regarded a virtue to not show emotions in public whatsoever. So for a band to get the public dancing and jumping within three songs, they must've been doing something right...

Oh, and they're Welsh. Which has a rather interesting oddness to it, right, Adam?

Go see them if they perform nearby! You'll get your money's worth, for sure.

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Yesterday Dallas, today Vera... what will tomorrow bring?

Arr, Welshmen have the cute accents that make everything good.


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