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Dumpster-diving, redux

Also via Boing Boing, Newsday reports on a new alternative lifestyle: Freeganism.

They're not homeless, and they have jobs. They call themselves freegans, and though some fill their fridges with food from garbage bins to save money, many choose not to buy food for philosophical reasons.

"Freegan" comes from the term vegan - a person who does not eat meat or animal products for health or ethical reasons. Freegans take it one step further by eating food thrown away by stores and restaurants, to avoid waste and limit their impact on the environment. They say that by not buying food, they're boycotting a capitalist consumer society that needlessly slaughters animals and harms the environment by mass-producing nonessential food, much of which ends up in landfills.

I have wondered myself on the possibility of getting food for free by living as a modern hunter/gatherer in Groningen, where many edible plants and animals can be found in the wild if you know where to look. I had not considered hunter/gatherering in the trash at stores and restaurants though...

Also, I'm not surprised that one of the people interviewed in the article is an entomologist. Not surprised at all.

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