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Dangerous and Fluffy Mary Sue test

After trying all the RoCR characters for Mary-Sueness, Reinder challenged me to subject Dangerous and Fluffy to the same treatment. So, does Dangerous and Fluffy contain Mary Sues? Let's find out!

Gregory Senthwaite Gregory Senthwaite Gregory gains a few points for being a hero in his twenties, and for having an accent, but beyond that, he doesn't really have much Mary-Sueness about him. If we ignore the 2-point penalty for being drawn (because I had originally planned this story as a novel, of all things.) he has a total score of... 6 points
Thomas Senthwaite Thomas Senthwaite Thomas gains a point for having an accent and having been abducted (by aliens), and two more since I wouldn't mind being friends with him, but then promptly loses all of them since he's physically disabled, ending up with... 0 points

Margaret Senthwaite
Margaret Senthwaite Similar to Thomas, but without the disability, Margaret instead reaches the heady realms of... 4 points

Jasper Cadogan
Jasper Cadogan Jasper hasn't been seen much in comic yet, but becomes important later. Besides the point for having an accent, he only gets two technical points since I consider Middle-aged to be the ideal age range, and 2 points because I could see myself being friends with him, leaving him with... 5 points

Captain John Bledlow
Captain John Bledlow A point for the clothes, and a point for the accent. For one of my two favourite characters in Dangerous and Fluffy, he scores a surprisingly low... 4 points

Cecil D. Miller
Cecil D. Miller Cecil gets a few points for having the same taste in music as me, and for his talent at directing. Still, he only works out to... 9 points

Frank Frank also shares my taste in music, and is,a gain, middle-aged. It's enough to push him to *gasp*... 5 points

Farmer Martin Arkinstall
Farmer Martin Arkinstall Arkinstall's probably my favourite character, and, since I've done my best to make him a sexy-evil villain, he gains a lot of points for me finding him attractive. Still, his total of 10 points is well in the Anti-Sue category.

Edmund Croppenskegg
Edmund Croppenskegg He has an accent and I wouldn't mind being friends with him. That's about all the Sue in him. 3 points

Agnes Hutchinson
Agnes Hutchinson Besides being in her twenties and sharing, to some extent, my taste in literature, Agnes has no Sue in her. 4 points.

All the characters but agnes gain a point for having an accent, and, possibly since I'm a nice person, I'd like to be friends with all my characters. So everyone started out with a base score of three. Thomas nearly went into negative points - he still does if you presume they meant "abducted" in the long-term, non-alien meaning - and none of my characters pass the 20 point limit which would make them mere non-Sues, not Anti-Sues.

Not bad.


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