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I was hungry

So I added Chocolate and Zucchini to the blogroll. Mmmm, zucchini rolls.

Seriously, I've been wanting to do more cooking, and more non-routine cooking, for a while. There's a vegetable pie in the electric mini-oven right now; probably the last time I will use that oven, because as I was working on that pie, the little door started falling open and refused to stay shut. It's kept shut for the duration with duct tape, which is remarkably melt-proof.

I blame Sidsel. I don't mention it on those cycling reports, because they're long and rambling enough already, but we spend a lot of our cycling time talking about food. Sidsel has a voracious appetite and she knows a few things about cooking, so it's an endless well of conversation.

Chocolate and Zucchini brought to my attention by egghead Eszter at Crooked Timber, itself one of my two favorite group blogs. I like C&Z's writing style:

- Bonjour madame la boulangère! I would like to buy a cake for my blog.

- What a lucky blog! Is this a special occasion?

- Why yes, it is my blog's first birthday!

- My my my, how time flies! I remember your blog from when it was just a wee little baby blog, with just a handful of posts -- and now it's one year-old already?

- Yes, I am very proud, and I think it would very much like to celebrate with a cake. Something small something chocolate, something pretty something yummy! What can you suggest?


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