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Promo art


ROCR-MT-Banner.jpgThis illustration, with colors by Jamie Robertson, will be the basis for promo graphics (banners, tall ads, MT promotional graphics) that will start showing up on various sites in November. You saw it here first!

One of the sites it will run on is Clan of the Cats, although that site will have a horizontal banner. The art was specifically done with that site in mind. If you know of a site where banners like the one on the right would a) fit the style and mood of the site, and b) attract the attention and curiosity of the readers, do let me know:)

By the way, Clan of the Cats appears to be saved! Enough money came in from donations and subscriptions to keep it going for a while. And hopefully, Jamie's campaign brought him plenty of new readers, so that I'll have something to fish for with those ads.

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Awesome :-)

That's the Grimborg?


Reasons Why We Rule sells both horizontal and vertical ones, and, well, you already know their stats... (old discussion, after all)

Drooling Fan Girl:

It's a shelia! You put a shelia na gig up there!

Too cool by half!

Rene: Stats aren't the only important thing. This piece was intended to have a mystical/witchy atmosphere fitting the Clan of the Cats site (and hopefully, representing the chapter it was made to promote. It should go on similar sites.


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