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I'd like to see this too

Spike challenges us to recommend

science fiction films where the pursuit of science isn't cast as a monumental act of hubris against God and Nature. Seriously.

Please tell me all about flims you enjoy that feature technology or scientific experimentation, but are as devoid of evil/insane scientists, researchers, or cold, faceless sci-tech corporations gettin' their comeuppance as possible....

I'd prefer a moral that doesn't involve things MAN, in all-caps, was never meant to do, because MAN (also all-caps) was never meant to wear underpants, rent climate-controlled re-conditioned lofts in the meatpacking district to impress their girlfirends, be immunized against polio, or live past thirty-five.

...Taken to its logical conclusion, the assertion that scientific curiousity or advancement isn't what's meant for humanity means we should all still be living in trees, trying to find a comfortable way to sit on an estrus swelling and working termites out of the branches with twigs.

Unless you people have a problem with twigs now or something.

To which I can only respond with a rousing "RAH!" but no actual recommendations. Some of the Star Trek movies might qualify but I'd like to think that she wants to hear about movies that are actually worth spending 90*) minutes on
for artistic and entertainment reasons as well as scientific ones.

*) If it's much more than 90 minutes, the bar gets raised much much higher than any Star Trek movie is capable of clearing. I don't know if the Dogma manifesto had a rule about movies needing to be concise, but it should have had one.

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At Project Gutenberg we're working on a book by Louis Couperus, Het Zwevende Schaakbord, that squarely parks Science Fiction through Alternate Myth, and is full of the pursuit of science being cast as a monumental act of hubris against God and Nature. (And it even uses Capitals the same Way.)

"--Wellieve Amadijs, mijn schoone knape, zie deze kemenade; ik ken haar van Destijds en op dit tooverbedde heb ik geslapen, nadat ik met de draken gekampt had, de moederdrake en de vier felle serpentenjongen en in minder dan een nacht was ik genezen van mijne wonden. Maar sedert heeft Merlijn het geheim ontdekt tooverbedden te maken, waar de gewonde ridder in minder dan zes uren van zijne wonden geneest: zoo een hebben wij te Camelot en daarom is Koning Wonder onvro˘ te moede."

(My dear Amadis, beautiful lad, behold this room. I have known it since Then, and on this magical bed I have slept, after I fought the dragons, the mother dragon and her four serpent young, and in less than a night my wounds were healed. But since then, Merlin has managed to make a magical bed, in which a knight can recover from his wounds in less than six hours. We have one of those in Camelot, and that is why King Miracle [the inventor of this one-BC] is feeling depressed.)

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