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Signs of the impending apocalypse

Harrumph. Not much stuff on the impending apocalypse here lately. About time somebody took charge and did something about it!

So gather around brothers and sisters, and hear this weeks summary of foreboding signs in the skies and bumps in the night.

For ye of the dark disposition: In time for Christmas (or perhaps she's aiming for Halloween), our favorite Goth Nemi appears for the first time between hard covers in a hefty collection of the series first four years (1997 - 2000): "Enhj�rninger og avsagde hagler". For the Norwegian impaired, that means "Unicorns and sawn-off shotguns". It's NOK 298 for 168 pages, and it should be worth it: This is vintage Nemi from before artist Lise Myhre got her current bout of verbosititis.

Those of you who're not willing to learn Norwegian to catch up on your Nemi, will for the time being have to make do with Metro's English translation.

Since there's four more years worth of Nemi material, I prophesy that Armageddon is still one publishing event away.

Or maybe not. It MAY be just 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds. The director's cut of Donnie Darko - the semi-cult movie of giant, scary bunnies, falling jet engines and suburban American apocalypse that weirdly fitting crashed at the box office after premiering shortly before 9.11.2001 ---is out on DVD.

It's another buy that's well worth the money. But irritatingly, director Richard Kelly has decided to NOT add the original cut to the 2-DVD package. Apparantly he has a major issue with fans making the movie "theirs", and has gone out of his way not only to make a definite edition but also a definite interpretation. I'm not sure I like that. It may mean I'll have to fork out for the original also. And now I'll have to get it before the end of the month...


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