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Taking a little breather

I've decided to take a day off from work to recuperate from the stress of the past few weeks. I'll do some reading and clean my house a bit.
Wednesday's ROCR comic will be rescheduled for Friday when I will do a double comic to catch up. That way the story doesn't get slowed down any further.
In place of the regular comic I'll run a guest page by Timmerryn, who, as it happens, is also taking over drawing work on Dangerous and Fluffy starting today!
Friday's double will be a goody, I promise! That is, if I don't get another comment spam storm on the blog - I've had two already this morning.

Minor Update: I have a book and a record to review for you, plus I have tinkered with the chapter division of the ROCR archives at Modern Tales splitting the Trial Sequence in two. I have made some minor fixes to the ROCR cast pages - things that people pointed out to me almost a year ago. I somehow found the time to draw some more cast portraits and think about the characters' histories a bit more. These new portraits aren't inked or colored, but I'll get around to that tomorrow-ish, so they'll start showing up soon enough. Come to think of it, I may set them up as a blog so they'll be easier to build. Movable Type can do a lot more than I've been doing with it so far.
Finally, I've spent some time thinking about the Trial Sequence and what I'd do differently if I were starting it now. In all, this day off has probably helped get the creative juices flowing again.


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