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No double ROCR on Friday

Yesterday I promised that Friday's Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan comic would be a double to catch up on today's missed update. That's not going to happen, I'm afraid. I'm a bit under the weather (for some reason, this always happens when I allow myself to relax a bit after a period of strenuous work) and there are too many interruptions in my schedule - including getting a 'flu shot, yay.
To be able to run a double episode, I'd need to have two pages ready to scan and color by 5 PM today. By 3 PM, it was clear that that wasn't feasible; I'd only had one page penciled. So I decided to work on that other thing I mentioned yesterday: turning the cast pages into a Movable Type template. That's working fairly well except that my CSS coding abilities are extremely rusty. CSS positioning gives me special trouble. This test page has the two graphics on top aligned correctly in Opera, nearly correctly in Internet Explorer, and not at all in Firefox/Mozilla. In fact, the only things that work in Firefox are the things that have been in all my stylesheets for years and years. I need a refresher course! This is how it's supposed to look. That page is done with tables though, which I want to avoid because I want to get with the times.
As for ROCR: regular update on Friday, and I'll shoot for a double update on the Friday after that.

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I like the (apparant) possibility for us users to add comments. Now we can cheer on our heroes, implore Tamlin to come home and boo Fafnir!


Yes, I intend to keep that in. It should be fun.
However, it will mean having to migrate the old entries to Movable Type, which may cause things to take longer.


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