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Eldritch unspeakable horrors that man was not meant to witness

Forum thread showcasing hideous statuettes of mostly European comics characters. The link goes to the second page of the thread, but the unspeakable abominations don't really start until page 3, featuring ghastly 3-D renditions of Alix, Ric Hochet, a nude woman taking a shower, Rahan, Blake, Mortimer, Olric and two pantsless Manara girls that creatures of gruesome taste and accursed mien can use as bookends to support the grisly and revolting tomes in their dread collections. I'm sure that the loathsome, tentacled denizens of the forum will soon add some more appalling examples the sight of which will break a strong man's mind, leaving those wretched unfortunates who behold them as pale, empty, hollow-faced shells of their former selves!!! Aiiiii!!!!!

(Sorry, I've been hanging out at the Ancient and Hermetic Order of the Shrill a little too much, and reading Lovecraft, lately).


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