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From the "most of what you and I believe is wrong" files:

Matthew White's history site is essential reading. It gives a thorough account of the 20th Century's wars and massacres, answering such questions as "Who was worse, then, Stalin or Hitler?", "What killed more people, gun control or Christianity?", "Who and what were the most over- and underrated people and events of the 20th Century?" and "What are the parellels between the USA and the Roman Empire?" (that last one with a bit of future history thrown in! Yay!) Not bad at all, for an amateur.
Interestingly, White concludes that there isn't any religious, racial or ideological pattern to the atrocities of the century of genocide - the factors are all across the board. He considers it to make more sense to think of the slaughter that took place between 1900 and 1999 as a single historical event unfolding over time, just like the Medieval European Migration, the American Great Migration and the Great Vowel Shift. He calls it the "Hemoclysm", a name that I can see as having staying power. I'll be wasting spending quite a bit of time on this site.

Via Shot by Both Sides (whose RSS feed appears to be on the fritz, or at least Bloglines no longer gets it), via Sussurration.


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