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Archival storyline restored!

Modern Tales finally allows authors to set sequences from their subscription archives as free samples without having to nag management about it. I can set free up to 10 % of my existing archives, and have just done so. The 2001 Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan storyline "Dolphins and Dragons" (note to those unfamiliar with the series: the title was intended as a send-up of gooy new age-inspired fantasy stories. In this one, dolphins are nasty, predatory creatures appearing in the lead character's nightmares. Dragons are sort of manageable, if handled with care, though.) is now available as a free sample at Modern Tales (use the back button to go back from each chapter to the sample page), and as a page-by-page archive at the ole' Keenspace site (I may need to do some integrity-checking for that one).

I'm happy to have that story back in free publication. It's a fun story from when my webcomics had just started to grow in length and complexity, but it's still concise enough to be read in one sitting, without a crib sheet. I've been meaning to free it up for almost a year (but didn't want to nag the already over-worked Modern Tales management). The reason why I chose this one over other stories, though, is that it is the story that contains the infamous Framed!!! Matrix crossover, which was part of the even more infamous Framed!!! Great Escape mega-crossover. As I wrote earlier, that project has degenerated into a big mess as a result of websites disappearing or moving, and files getting lost. Within the Matrix sub-project, it didn't help that I and No Stereotypes creator Glych moved our archives to Modern Tales and put them behind a subscription wall. Glych's contributions are still missing, but at least mine are back, making that sequence almost understandable.

I hope that readers will still enjoy this story despite the missing Glych comics from the crossover. It's one of my faves, with scary dolphins hunting a school of Kels, pregnant Kel kicking ass and taking names, Jodoque putting his talents to productive use and the Leafy Green Dragon. Oh, and hard salty meat.

Update: Actually, it doesn't look all that complex now that I've re-read it. It did when I was working on it, but I think this was mostly because of the crossover stuff and the section leading into it. These parts of the story make up only a very small part of the overall storyline, and the rest of it is pretty straightforward.

PS: I also wanted to restore the comics at the Xepher mirror site, but it turned out that exactly that section of my local files is missing. Because the system at Xepher organises files very differently than that at Keen or Modern Tales, it's time-consuming for me to re-sort the files so that the site updater can use them, so I've decided against doing that.


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