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Welcome, Timm!

Yup, as you've read below, Timm is now a member of the little group that outputs Waffle. And he's a lot quicker to make his debut than Geir has been!
Timm lives in Australia, so he's the first non-European here. We've been in touch for quite a few years, even making a comic together. And as comics are the binding factor between the other four bloggers, and Timm now replaces Jeroen as the artist of the comic that Adam writes, he should take his rightful place among us wafflers.

What with there being 5 of us, upgrading Moveable Type could end up being an expensive proposition (though I haven't looked at their terms recently).

Should I add separate sidebar listings for each author the way the eggheads do? It's not something you get out of the box, but I'm sure a little futzing around with templates will enable me to build this feature.


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