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Wot, no casualties?

Josh Marshall gets to the bottom of Pat Robertson's account of a conversation with President Bush in which Bush poo-poo'ed the notion that there'd be significant*) casualties in the war in Iraq:

Candor requires me to say that, as a general matter, I don't trust this guy as far as I could throw him. I certainly wouldn't put in any stock in his say-so if he were accusing someone I supported.
...But in this case, it's sort of an admission against interest. Robertson's no Kerry supporter. He has no interest in hurting the president.

And even if you assume that Robertson is acting out of some sort of intra-Republican pique, he's said this before -- and not at a time when the statement would be quite so politically charged.
When he spoke a few months ago, Robertson's point was that President Bush was sure the war would be a painless one.

That sounds a lot like our president.

Robertson had that conversation. Don't doubt it.

A reader (MS) brings up another point.

When trying to refute Robertson's claim, Karen Hughes told the Associated Press, "Obviously, we already had casualties in Afghanistan at the time. If you look at that, that (the comment) was not consistent with what was going on."

In other words, Hughes is arguing that the president couldn't have said such a thing because such a statement wouldn't have been consistent with the reality that everyone could see in front of them.

Need I say more?

*): "Significant" is a generous reading of Bush's comment as rendered by Robertson. Literally, Bush allegedly said there'd be no casualties, but I don't believe he meant or even said that literally. Nobody's that disconnected from reality, not even him. What I think he meant, and it must have been understood in the context of the conversation, was that there'd be few casualties over a limited period of time.


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