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Liliane, Bi-Dyke

I'd seen Liliane, Bi-Dyke somewhere before, and kind of liked it. In print, I think it was. So I'm a bit surprised to see that it has a lowly Keenspace site! I'll have to give it the ole archive trawl treatment sometime.

(Found via an ad on Talkaboutcomics. Cartoonists: these ads work! The so-called ultra-cheap phase of the program may look a bit pricy, but if my own response is representative, people will click on those ads and find comics through them. Check out the rates.)

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Her comics were collected by Slab-O-Concrete in a couple of volumes, plus Pete Pavement imported her minicomics for a while. Thanks for the tip. It's always ncie coming across relatively old-school cartoonists online like this.

oooo! "old-school"!! LOL! wow, who knew! "a lowly keenspace site"... LOL! what, you think someone would pay me to put them up? What a thought!! Actually Assume Nothing, the first book is a collection of comics from other compilations, not a collection of the minicomics, and Teaching Through Trauma stories were done specifically for that book, not a collection. Same as my new book "Don't be a Crotte!" which I put out this past march, just days before I started on keenspace. It's nice to know people still remember my stuff and are reading it online. Cheers! Leanne


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