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Wasting advertisers' money

Speaking of ads, this ad:
Change your sexual taste and scent, is what it says
belongs on Sexy Losers. It belongs on Ghastly's Ghastly Comics.
It does not belong on General Protection Fault or Schlock Mercenary. This isn't just because the owners of those last two sites would find those ads inappropriate or offensive, but also because the viewers of the former sites would click on the ad in droves, and the viewers of the latter would not. Some of them would, I'm sure, but not nearly as many. By not having a system in place to show ads on adult-oriented comics, Keenspot are throwing advertisers' money away. Admittedly, what with having to work with so many different networks, developing such a system is probably more difficult than it looks.

Me, I don't think ROCR would be a great match for the ads. But it'd be a better one than GPF and Schlock, and I'd take the advertiser's money with great enthusiasm.

Advertising on Keenspot does yield pretty good results for cartoonists, though. Really, there are a lot of gaps to be filled, and any cartoonist who has advertised on the Modern Tales network should also consider putting ads on the Keen network. I've done it in the past and I'm going to do it again in November.


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