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Double episode on Friday!

Kel Testifies
Yes! I've made it! Friday's Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan episode will be a double. 14 panels in total. And I'll have time on Friday and over the weekend to make Monday's episode as well!

What struck me as I was putting the finishing touches to this installment was how much less cute Kel has become recently. It's not intentional; she just flows out of my pen that way. But I do think it's the right way for her to look. Working at the tempo that I've done recently means that I rely less on technique and more on what feels right at the time. I don't think the anatomy is up to the standard that I'm capable of, but the change in how I draw Kel in this sequence does reflect my changed attitude to the character - an awareness that she's not 20 anymore, and is feeling a bit put upon right now.

Or maybe it's just a subconscious attempt to lower the Mary Sue quotient.


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