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Upgrading and backdating

I have two questions to other people who use Movable Type:

1. Is upgrading worth it? I may have use for two features that MT 3.* offers: the scheduled postings and the subcategories. But if there's a lot of hassle involved I can live without either of them.

2. I want to turn some of the reviews in my old spotlights page into backdated blog entries. Is this a good idea? I've noticed that sometimes changing the dates on an existing entry messes up the sequence of blog entries so that readers can't navigate through the archive. Will that sort of thing occur a lot, and how will it affect upgrading and archive migration?

Please let me know your experiences, either through the comments or in email.

Comments (1)

1) Not necessarily. Scheduled posting I've not played with and subcategories are more fluff than solidly useful. Dynamic pages saved me 50mb or so of space, which was cool.

What you could do is install it in a seperate directory (cgi-bin/mt3) and give it a try. if it does what you want and it's worth the cash then move over. If not then delete it.

2) Can't see that being a problem as long as you do a full rebuild afterwards.


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