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Hey, how about another double next week?

This week's Sunday Cycling is canceled because Sidsel will be in Utrecht, so I have an extra day to work (I'll go on a short cycling trip on my own but won't spend a whole day in the saddle). This is a good thing, because Kangra's testimony, which I'm scripting now, will be a bit longer than Kel's. This sequence will fill in some gaps in Kangra's motivation for what she was doing early in the storyline, and it will also take us back to the Stone of Contention storyline, which I first put online 10 years ago and which I'll republish after the WebComicsNation launch. Drawing it will involve some interesting challenges. I'll need to design a war memorial, come up with some credible new characters (for bit parts - don't worry about me adding anyone major. However, this may be an opportunity to test the new, Movable Type-enabled system for adding cast pages) and revisit some old ones from Contention. I'm appalled at how badly drawn the second half of Contention is - it's actually worse than 1992's The Green Knight's Belt which at least was drawn with a lot of care. Re-drawing the bits that will appear in Kangra's testimony will highlight the difference between today's style and that of 1994-6. I'll need to come up with a slightly child-like style in which to render Kangra's flashbacks though. Something to fit her guileless personality.
I'll also have some tasty footnotes about the various tribes that appeared in Contention and the medals that the Resistance gave out at the time. It'll be fun, but it will go on for several pages, and now that I'm caught up I'd like to speed things up a little.
If I can get Wednesday's update in the can by Sunday night, a double update on Friday should be feasible.

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What led you to decide to emulate El Goonish Shive for the "child-like style" for Kangra's flashbacks -- or is it just coincidence?

Well, it is a cute, innocent-looking style that's easy on the eye. It's harder to emulate than I expected though :)


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