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Three cheers for Moe Lane

Moe of Obsidian Wings has got the blog blues and is quitting. Personally, I think blogging is a bit like being in Fairport Convention - you can join but you can never truely quit.
I want to thank Moe for setting up one of the best political group weblogs I know. For all my partisan venting over the past couple of weeks (which, by the way, will be toned down considerably after the US election), I admire him for the good-humored, temperate way in which he ran things, and the focused, honest way in which he stuck up for his conservative politics.
Gosh, this is beginning to sound like an obituary.
I hope the website will continue. It's really really good. Three cheers for Moe!

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"which, by the way, will be toned down considerably after the US election"

even when Doubya wins?

Yes. Unless the predictions of massive voter fraud come true.

Surely if Dubya wins, then the predictions of mass voter fraud will *definitionally* be true?

You know, I've been reading about the trouble that's already started with voting machines (http://abqjournal.com/elex/246845elex10-22-04.htm ), and I don't get it. I've voted with a machine for what, a decade, and the technology has always looked pretty solid to me (cue paranoid internal voice whispering "That's what they *want* you to think"). They've always correctly displayed the candidate whose button I pushed, and I've never heard anyone say the votes were miscounted (cue paranoid internal voice whispering "That's because the Dutch can be divided into two categories: dupes and sheep"). In fact, the introduction of such machines is thought to have lead to a reduction in invalid ballots cast. Is my paranoid internal voice right? What, then, would explain the problems reported in that link? With years of use behind them, shouldn't voting machines just work? And if they don't, what does that tell us about how US elections are run?

So while I'd like to say "Now be nice, John", I'm getting worried about this.

Indeed. I'm hoping that the winner of the election wins the college and the popular vote, and that the popular vote at least is won by a significant (1%+) margin, otherwise the next couple of months will be nasty.

(that said, if asked to choose my preferred outcome between Kerry in a Supreme Court photofinish and W by 1%+ of the popular vote, then I'd probably still pick Kerry).


>> In fact, the introduction of such machines is thought to have lead to a reduction in invalid ballots cast

Maybe that's because the bleedin' machine won't even let you :-) [There ought to be a button on there to cast an invalid vote right next to the 'blank' button]

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