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Cheapshottin' Gun's 'n'Roses

Playing at the studio now because Jeroen brought it: Appetite For Destruction by Guns'n'Roses. Fuck, they were a great band at that time. Must have taken them a lot of work to hush that up later on.

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Branko Collin:

I always felt they were an unfulfilled promise; enough musical talent walking around in that band, yet rarely used. Still, I liked Use Your Illusion better.

Nah, that one was just Axl, without his voice, trying to be Elton John. Booo-ring!
I hadn't heard Appetite in years, and while I still knew most of the songs, I hadn't noticed until now how together and how moody they sounded. They were a Nirvana-level kick up the arse of hard rock music at the time, making a stagnant genre sound dangerous again. The actual chords and tunes weren't that different from the hairfarm bands, but the effect was very different.


Appetite for destruction did seem like a breath of fresh air that year... damn that was long ago now. Wish I still had that cd (cds were new then adn I didn't have many at that time). Too bad everything after sucked so much.. well the cover of Live and Let die is ok but by then they were just overblown and boring.


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