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Kangra Flashback style, and no double episode on Friday

Time has run out for me to decide whether to run a double ROCR episode on Friday. I've decided not to. I've made some progress, but those Kangra flashbacks are turning out to be more time-consuming than expected. Today I had a setback when I realised that the pages I'd colored were scanned at the wrong resolution. A quick test scaling one of them down to the final size revealed that the line quality would suffer visibly, so I had to re-scan and re-color.
More importantly, though, I have spent several days working well into the night, and even that gets old after a while. So instead, I'll use the progress I made to increase the buffer so I will have time to work on other stuff next week... and have a life.
Look at me, making excuses for not giving you more art than the scheduled 3 pages a week! To think that other cartoonists regularly miss updates. But well, I'd all but promised something extra.
Meanwhile, shrewd readers have picked up on the fact that the flashback style I've chosen for Kangra is based on that great, great comic El Goonish Shive.. I picked that one because it has a cute, friendly style that can still be used for serious story content. When I wrote that I was looking for a slightly childlike style, I was thinking of a children's book or kids' comic style, rather than something that looked like it was by a child. Kangra is a naif but she is not mentally retarded. Dan Shive's style seemed to fit the bill with its soft shapes and big eyes.
Dan Shive's style is actually harder to imitate than it looks. The problem is that a lot of it is generic, and that he's a young guy who is still learning. Shive is a talented and meticulous artist but there is a difference between the way he draws things that he's studied a lot and things that he doesn't have a clear idea how to draw. In a mature artist, that would be considered that artist's style; those artists can then be copied by impersonating their distinctive faults as well as their distinctive strong points. With Shive, it wouldn't be fair to do that, and the imitation would date as soon as Shive overcame those faults - which I'm sure he will.
In the end, I did the best I could with the most prominent signifiers of Shive's style: the eyes and faces, his limited palette (when he uses color at all) and his careful, regular line (the hardest part for me to follow). Oh, and his use of the Comic Sans font and rounded-corner rectangular word balloons. For all that many people loathe Comic Sans, I hadn't even noticed that that was what Shive was using!



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