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Quick stolen explosives update

My recent immersion in my work has also resulted in a slowdown of shrill partisan screeds from me, for which I'm sure many people are thankful.
On the issue of the stolen explosives, I want to mention quickly that I'm not buying the "they were gone when we got there" line, and that I follow it through Joshua Micah Marshall's summaries and commentary. He's on this like a terrier. Ed Brayton's ongoing commentary is worth a look too.
Update: As is Juan Cole's:

Despite the new attempt to defend Bush from charges of incompetence over the disappearance of 380 tons of dual-use explosives (which can be used to detonate nuclear bombs) from the al-Qaqaa facility in Iraq, there is really no excuse. The Pentagon's attempt to maintain that the facility was inspected in early April by US troops has fallen apart. It has 1000 buildings, and the troops had no orders to search them exhaustively. Thus, the statement that they did not see the stickers of the International Atomic Energy Commission does not in fact suggest that the explosives were already gone. It indicates that they didn't have time to see much of the facility.

The gravity of the disappearance of these explosives cannot be underscored enough. Not only can they help in the detonation of a nuclear bomb, they are deadly in their own right. A pound can bring down a jetliner. There are 2000 pounds in a ton. Bush let enough high-power explosives disappear to bring down (God forbid) 760,000 airliners! What if this stuff leaks from Iraq to al-Qaeda?


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