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That's one more idea that I can scratch from the list

Pete Ashton (again!) linked to this Guardian article about Creative Commons UK. That's pretty interesting stuff, but what struck me was the introductory paragraph:

In the summer of 2002, Steven McDonald, the bass player with American punk-pop band Redd Kross, had an idea. Listening to White Stripes - the minimalist Detroit duo who produce their stripped-down garage sound with just a guitar and drums - he wondered what it would sound like with a bass track. So he downloaded a White Stripes tune and tried it out. He liked it so much that he did their whole album, eventually uploading the new bass-laden tracks to his website, complete with a Photoshopped cover featuring himself as third band member.

And this is exactly what I've been suggesting to my friend Danny that he should do sometime. Lucky for us that neither of us had time to spend on that (I'd have helped him with the recording, and making tea).


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