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Al-Qaaqa looting still ongoing in November 2003.

I know that the handful of readers who aren't already convinced that Bush needs to be fired won't read past the words "A French" before their eyes start glazing over, but:

A French journalist who visited the Qaqaa munitions depot south of Baghdad in November last year said she witnessed Islamic insurgents looting vast supplies of explosives more than six months after the demise of Saddam Hussein's regime.

The account of Sara Daniel, which will be published Wednesday in the French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur, lends further weight to allegations that American occupying forces in Iraq failed to protect hundreds of tons of munitions from extremists plotting attacks against their own troops.

Failed, over a six-month period. Their leadership hushed it up for eighteen months. Didn't get Bin Laden either because of their leadership's incompetent handling of the battle at Tora Bora and because they had to go after Saddam instead. For the love of God, fire the Bushies.

(Via Josh Marshall)


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