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Be warned...

[A_Man_In_Black] If Bush wins this election, by Monday all the banks and government offices will be closed, and soldiers will be marching in the streets.
[Reiver] Really? That's handy.
[Reiver] ASCII voted for him, so you can give him a special hug. :)
[ElCarpeto] There'll always be a strong guy around to help you open jars. Kinda handy really.
[A_Man_In_Black] It's an indisputable fact.
[Reiver] Indeed.
[A_Man_In_Black] Monday is Veteran's Day.

-From Nightstar IRC network

That said, I hope to god that Kerry wins. I have dual American/British citizenship, am a socialist, and would rather like to not have to be embarrassed by the American half of my culture anymore, even if I don't plan to leave Britain.

That and the fact that I think Bush is the worst thing to happen to America since it was founded. How the hell did he manage to lose all the world's good will about the 11th of September so quickly?

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Whereas I have lived under the Kerry "Administration" as U.S. Senator to Taxachusetts - er, I mean the People's Socialist Republic of Massachusetts. And he has done NOTHING useful in all the years he's been in office. In fact, his actions after his tenure in Vietnam were deplorable and *did* cost the U.S. the war (at least one Viet Cong admitted in writing that they were almost ready to give up when Hanoi Jane and Kerry and the others started protesting so much, giving them faith that if they kept up the fight that the U.S. would be forced to pull out.

He has missed a number of votes in the Senate, he has done little to help his home state of Massachusetts, and he changes his stance on opinions without pausing for breath. (As an aside, I see nothing wrong with voting the way the people insist. If I was in office and was in a strong pro-choice state, I'd state something like this: While my personal beliefs are that abortion is wrong and that any and every effort should be made to keep the unborn child alive, so long as it doesn't endanger the mother's life, I understand that the majority of my constituants feel that a woman's right of choice is important. Thus I will vote for what my constituants want, even if I believe it is wrong, because I was voted into office to represent the PEOPLE, not myself.

Now, someone who said something like that would be *honorable*. Kerry is not, he just jumps onto the latest band wagon and does what he can to get more power to himself. Gore would have been a thousand times better than Kerry as President, and I wouldn't have wanted Gore as President for 9/11. (Then again, I wouldn't have wished that on Bush either. Or anyone else.)

So... I'd rather be "ashamed to be American" for four more years than live under Kerry, who is going to do his best to strip away my human rights all in the name for "what's right for America" while he goosesteps his way toward a fascist American state. (Not that Bush is much better, I'm pagan afterall, and Bush doesn't believe in my religious rights. But still... at least I *have* rights under him.)

Robert A. Howard, aka Tangent


Not for long.


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