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Is there good on keenspace? Part I

Is there good on Keenspace? Oh yes, certainly! Admidst many a strange sprite comic are some true gems. Let's look at a few of the best obscure fantasy comics in the start of this regular feature!

All images are, of course, copyright their respective comics and are only copied here to help review them

Tales of the Questor

This comic is simply delightful. Overloaded with goodnatured wit and fun, an incrediably lovable cast, and a really cracking plot, it's an absolute delight suitable for all ages.

Minions for Hire

Minions for hire moves a bit slowly, with most strips only having one or two large panels. That said, these three minor villains on a grand quest to become true warlords are absolutely delightful. Read this comic and you two can be booing the paladins, guards, and other forces of goodness that try and stop them!

Stuff of Legends

The very stylish art drew me in, the hilarious tale of a young optomistic boy latching on to an old pessimistic hero who's trying his best to retire caused this comic to rise to one of my favourites.

Dwarf Tossing

You know, I can never decide about Dwarf Tossing's art. if you glance at certain episodes, they look bad, but if you look at thrm for a bit longer, you notice it's actually rather well done. Never really understood that. Jeroen calls it "naive". In any case, it is a rather fun read. Rather rougher around the edges than the other comics in this offering, but it's improving quite rapidly, and the characters really do grow on you, stupid and foolhearty as they are. However, it is a webcomic in the very early stages of its development. It wasn't until after I started reading it that it gained navigation buttons, which are still a little chancy even now.

But if you can't support a fledgling webcomic, what can you support? And I do love dwarves.

I hope you enjoyed my overview of keenspace. Keep an eye on this spot as Adam braves the wilds of keenspace, finding the true gems hidden amongst comics that make you want to stab your eyes out, lest you miss the very good because of the very bad.


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