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What I did yest're'en

I wrote a few days ago that I'd spend the night of the US election getting shitfaced, but instead I spent the first part of the evening looking at a naked woman and scrawling marks on paper.

Leunend model
This model was an oddly-built one that I had a hard time drawing. She was thin and bony but also loose-skinned. Only a handful of drawings are worth showing to people at all, and that only to comment on what I try to accomplish drawing a live model.
The point of life drawing isn't just to get the anatomy right - it's to learn to perceive shape. Sometimes I do spontaneous charcoal sketches before settling down to do a more developed version in pencil. Not last night - I couldn't find my charcoals. So I drew the basic shapes of the figure in B pencil, and then went on developing the figure with a 4B. This is similar to how I cartoon except that instead of constructing the body from a shape in my head, I start from what I see but try to bring out the shape of that. You will see that I'm having a particularly hard time getting this right with heads - I don't think I've ever got the head right in any of my life drawing sessions, and I may need to do some studying from a book. You'd think that heads would be easier because you see them so much more in everyday life, but not so.

At right: most sessions, I can finish my drawing before the model assumes a different pose, but yesterday, some drawings remained unfinished.

model leunend

Some people make life drawings that are works of art in their own right. I don't. I'm just not at a skill level where that's a good use of my life drawing time. So I simply draw to learn. This one below, though, comes close to being a real drawing. It's one that I actually finished in the sense that I decided that I really oughtn't do more work on it.

model zittend

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i'm really enchanted.

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