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Figure Drawing Factory

Figure Drawing Factory is "a group of artists and models that come together in cyber-space to fabricate art from the human figure. As a group we enjoy working together, learning together, and sharing our successes. We hope you enjoy our site and the drawings that we have created as much as we enjoy creating them."

What I like about this site is that you see the same models and poses as drawn by different artists of widely varying styles and abilities. At life drawing sessions I'm often so embarrassed about the quality of my own work that I daren't look over the other artists' shoulders for fear that they'll want to look over mine and see my struggle to get it even remotely right (I'm the only self-taught artist in the group, and for all that people complain about the quality of art school training, the difference shows). For the blog, I cherry-pick the results - the average quality of the life drawings in my sketchbook is appalling.
I'm glad that the participants in Figure Drawing Factory are not so shy. It's fascinating to see.


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