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Writeup at Sequential Tart! Woo!

In Rebecca Salek's article The Joy of Webcomics, Tart Margaret devotes a long paragraph (out of an extensive enumeration of webcomics she reads) to Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan:

Other webcomics which are definitely worth checking out are Reinder Dijkhuis's Rogues of Clywd-Rhan at Modern Tales, an often amusing fantasy adventure series whose half-faery, half-human heroine, Kel, is currently on trial for, among other things, having managed to develop the ability to use magic without ever having completed the allegedly required ritual. The defense and prosecuting attorneys are gnomes in British-style powdered wigs, her principal accuser is the ambitious evil faery who actually committed most of the crimes Kel is charged with, and one of the witnesses was the decapitated (but still sentient) head of that manipulative — and apparently indestructible — magic-user, the Green Knight, more famously encountered by Sir Gawain in Arthurian legend. Since the local government is controlled by gnomes and faeries, the human-looking half-breed Kel has not received the most even-handed legal treatment. In fact, certain key witnesses had to be rounded up not by the authorities, but by her own friends and relatives, including her eccentric estranged mother, who is a high-ranking faery official, and various of her allies and rivals in the Fae Liberation Front.

Go read the whole article - I'll study it extensively for recommendations, even though I already know many of the comics the Tarties read.


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