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Terror raid in the Hague

A long standoff around a house in The Hague has ended at around 17:30 with the surrender of two suspected terrorists. Another one had given himself up earlier.

The standoff started early in the morning when three members of an arrest team were injured by an explosive device, probably a hand granade, upon entering the house.
At least one person was arrested in the area around the house after skirmishes broke out between bystanders. A man was arrested in Utrecht in connection with the situation.

(From listening to the radio all day) |CNN coverage (English) | report in NRC Handelsblad (Dutch). NRC also has a factsheet on Islamic schools, which someone should translate into English for the benefit of denizens of The Blog That LGFWatch Watches who refer to the schools in Uden and Eindhoven as "madrassas". Uhm, don't look at me right now.

I should point out to people reading all my alarming missives of the past few days, that these incidents take place all across the country, and that the Netherlands, while small in area, is not so small that this means that there are riots and violent outbreaks on every street. For most of us, today is a lot like yesterday. It's safe to walk the streets. But the fact that these events are happening is creeping me out a bit.

Today's raid, and public statements from the Prime Minister and (indirectly) the Queen, should calm things down a bit. The raid was part of an investigation into the network surrounding the man who killed Theo van Gogh, so the government can now credibly claim to be doing something about it. That should provide a disincentive against people taking the law in their own hands.

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Then again, those three'll probably be let off for lack of evidence in a few weeks' time; by that time things will have died down enough that that will only give rise to a bit of shouting here and there.

Lack of evidence? After one of them threw a grenade? I don't think so.

Contrary to some other countries I could mention but won't, the Netherlands has strict laws on possession of weapons. In short: don't, because you'll do time. People even get arrested for things that look like weapons. (After all, things that look like weapons may lead to violent responses, which is bad for society.)


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