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I wanted to like Delicious Library but their website didn't like me

A writeup at Crooked Timber got me mildly interested in the book cataloguing program Delicious Library. Kieran wrote:

As Siracusa points out, an application designed to keep a catalog of your books and whatnot is fundamentally a boring idea. Yet Delicious Monster has managed to make it cool.

Unfortunately all that coolness is kept hidden away from the evidently incurably uncool eyes of viewers who use Opera for Linux. I saw this: [screenshot].
They can't be that cool if they can't even come up with a reasonably standards-compliant website to present their products in. And the Opera exclusion rankles even more now that Firefox is making it big.
Of course the program in question is for the Mac, but I wouldn't have minded a look at it. You know, in case they ever make a port for linux. D'ya reckon they will?

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A shame it's Mac only. I've been looking for something like this for a long time.

Anybody know anything remotely like it for us Windows-bound types?

Remotely like it is MediaMan, which allows you to type in ISBNs in order to automatically grab images and info from Amazon.

I have mixed feelings about it, though. I'd like to be able to share my catalog online (MM allows "exporting", but, eh... too much work)

Also, the info it pulls from Amazon tends to not be the more substantive Publisher's Weekly-type reviews, but the consumer comments. Overall, I wasn't happy with it. It might be OK if you just want a private catalog of books. And maybe I'd like it more if I spent more time with it and found some more customization. It does have a good interface (not too unlike what I see of Delicious Library)

Unfortunately, the site (ack!) seems to be down right now. Here's the URL, if it should happen to come back online:

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