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Whatever happened to "So you want to emigrate? Part 2"?

Every once in a while I promise or strongly imply that I will post something on this blog in the future. It's almost always something that takes a bit more legwork than a regular shooting-off of the mouth, and it's almost always a promise I end up regretting.
The second part of "So you want to emigrate?" is one of those. It's closer to real journalism than most bloggers get. I've interviewed some American expats for it. I intended, and still do, to look up some of the legislation and other problems that expats might encounter. And I just can't find the time to do it, what with ongoing work, unexpected bureaucratic requirements that I have to fulfill and other things preoccupying me right now. By the time I get around to posting it, it may no longer be relevant. But I'll do my best.
The more journalistic direction is where I want to take the blog in the long run. Once I'm able to come up for air.


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