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Theodor Kittelsen

Using the blog to replace my long term memory: a few years ago, Geir sent me a link to work by Theodor Kittelsen, one of Norway's most popular illustrators. I was reminded of his work while reviewing the latest Finntroll album (still in heavy rotation in my Diskman) a few weeks back. All Finntroll albums feature "Trollistration" by band member Skrymer who is obviously influenced by Kittelsen.
I liked the art Geir showed me but could never remember his name. Fortunately I still know how to google. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that I will eventually write a spinoff of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan involving trolls.
Small gallery of Kittelsen's work
Mini-portal to a bunch of trollistrators.
Gallery of troll art by... someone. Jon Bauer?

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Troll-browsers may also want to take a peek at this links:

http://www.museumsnett.no/nordnorsk-kunstmuseum/Kittelsen.htm (Text in Norwegian, but it shows some of Kittelsen's work in color)

http://www2.skolenettet.no/kunstweb/kunstweb2d/bildegal/werenskiold.htm (Erik Werenskiold, the other illustrator who defined modern Norwegians' conception of what a troll should look like).

Bo Lindbergh:

Yep, that's John Bauer.

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