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serfdom307-excerpt.pngJudging from the responses in the forum and on IRC, the good Professor Rásdondr and the stories he's tellin' as part of his testimony are quite popular! Myself, I'm in two minds about him. He's fun to write, his stories come out funny, but writing him makes me feel a bit hypocritical: I've repeatedly decried the use of the Mad Scientist meme on this blog, and while Rásdondr doesn't in fact Meddle With Things Man Was Not Meant To Know (indeed I imagine him as being a well-respected authority in his field and initially wrote in some more stuff about him working in such important areas as the Heron Improvement and Breeding Program, before scrapping it due to space considerations), he's clearly daft as a broom in his own unique way. I apologise; mad scientist characters are just too much fun to write!
So now one reader in the forum is asking for more of him, and for a look at his half-elven assistants. The bad news here is that it's all I can do to keep this monstrosity of a story from eating me alive already, and the only way I can allow any deviations from the general outline is if I have panels to fill on a page before an obvious cliffhanger or punchline.
Not only that but I am now actively looking for things to cut from the existing archives. I am also looking for things to insert (a good overview of the city between the first two chapters would improve the story's sense of location tremendously) and things to tweak (bits of dialogue that are misspelled, badly lettered word balloons, visual continuity details that need to be fixed, drawings that are just plain ugly), but I now think that the existing material can do with some tightening. I'm specifically thinking of the scenes in the jail involving Spig, Bonfire and Clydesdale - those are moderately funny but were primarily added to interrupt the Jodoque/Green Knight sequences, in the hope that that would improve the pacing and build suspense in serialisation. Right now, I don't think they were succesful at that.
Of course, one or two moderately important things happened during those scenes, and it remains to be seen whether the story as a whole can do without those.

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Remember, if you cut things, make them available as bonus material... or doom will befall you!

Promises, promises...

And what is wrong with mentally chalenging scientists, pray tell? Dear Sir, unless you you rethink I shall be forced to hire a new biographer!

Prof. Buttumsup

Cut it out you. You're not mad, you just play made to get chicks.

Henk Langeveld:

It's a recurring problem in (script) writing.
Any time you introduce a new character, it'll
have an impact on the plot.

You need to decide how to introduce the character,
what its main contribution will be to the story,
and, *most importantly*, how to get rid of it in a
decent manner.


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