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Via Peteychap:
Someone at Swarthmore University has created a batch of counter-disclaimer stickers to put in science textbooks.

This book discusses heliocentrism, that the earth orbits around a centrally located sun. Because astronomers still disagree over the details of the heliocentric model, this material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered.

They forgot to do stickers for gravity, Mendelian genetics and the germ theory of disease, though.

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Michiel Prior:

The gravity sticker is the middle sticker from the second row.

Damn! Why didn't I spot that one the first four times I went over the stickers?


I'd say it had just been pulled down a gravity well, had some special relativity applied or simply hadn't been created yet :-)
(Besides: There must be something hidden in the fact that it's smack in the middle of the first screen -- if you haven't got your browser windows pumped to the max, that is)


It might be necessary to defend the germ theory if homeopathy advocates start trying to influence education.

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