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Clickburg is the website of a new comics convention to be held in Tilburg, the Netherlands. I can't find the date for the convention on the website yet, but Ren� van Densen who occasionally comments here is one of the organisers so he'll undoubtedly tell me.
What makes this convention special is that it's a European convention dedicated to webcomics - Dutch ones specifically, although that may change eventually (I rather hope it does, to include Belgian/German/Scandinavian web artists as well, because I think the focus on Dutch work is too narrow. But these guys may prove me wrong on that).
I've been thinking about reorienting myself to the European market these past few months, because I've been less than succesful at getting money out of American readers, and the money that I do make is devaluing by the week. I needs me some hard Euros! So it's important to have my eyes open to events like this one, which may help me reintroduce myself to the creative community and readers on the home front. I'll be there, unless they plan it on a completely impossible day.
Update: Serves me right for not checking the stripped-down URL. I had found the site because an internal page linked to rocr.net. I've now changed the URL to an internal welcome page that at least shows you the forum and placeholder links for the other stuff they want to incorporate.
Update to the update: In the comments, Ren� asks me to link to the splash page again, because the site is still very much in development. I won't do that, because this whole entry wouldn't make any sense if I did, but I will note that all contents may change and the link I do use may stop working. For what it's worth, I found the site through ROCR.net's referrals, so people are already reading it.

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:-) Searching for clickburg on google gives me exactly one result.
Well that and the question if by any chance I wasn't planning to search for 'blackburn' instead. I know I occasionally make the odd typo or two, but three in one word? :-)

In all honesty, the site has just started being developed. We're aiming for a launch date of January 1st, so the page you're linking to will change quite a bit before then. And I hope it's not too much to ask, but seeing as how we're still developing the whole structure of the site etc., and things are likely to go very, very wrong before then ;), would you mind linking to the splash page instead, in the meantime ?

The date for the convention will be May 1st, 2005. For this first edition we're aiming at Dutch and Belgian webcomic artists mainly, because this *is* the first edition, and those are the most likely to actually show up. For the same reason we're limiting our choices for nominees for the award for best webcomic - I'd love to be able to give the award to someone like Tatsuya Ishida or so, but let's face it, this first edition we want to hand it out to someone who'll actually come and accept it.

The whole idea of the convention is not only for webcomic artists to show their stuff, but also to show a very general audience (I'm hoping to attract lots of people who've never even heard of webcomics before) what webcomics can be and are like. In order to do that, we need fun events that'll appeal to a lot of folks (we already have a few ideas) and, well, we need an actual webcomic artist to collect his or her award. I'm more than happy to welcome German, Scandinavian, British webcomic artists, or from any other part of the world, as long as they'll come. Which I kind of doubt (being just a slight bit realistic here) with the first edition of this event. If this first run is very successful, I'm sure we can broaden our scope by a lot, next time around.

However, I'd like to mention: if any non-Dutch/Belgian webcomic artists are reading this, and are interested in coming to this convention, please don't hesitate to let me know ! (You can use the URL in this post to send me a message)

The reason it barely shows up on Google yet is that the site isn't done yet, and we're not busy actively promoting it yet. More information will follow later down the line. After all, Reinder, you're on the mailing list for further updates :)

Ren van Densen:

Comment on the update on the update (because I like keeping you reading ;>) -- fair enough, the forum is already read by several of the people on the mailing list. After reading your comment I'm now actually considering just 'opening the gates' and putting some temporary content on the various pages, and letting people comment as they like to help improve it all.

I'll discuss it with the other people working on this.

Ren van Densen:

I replaced the page you are linking to with a redirect page that redirects to the splash page. If all goes wel, after January 1st, the page it redirects to should be the same as the 'welcome' page was, except with content and working menu links.


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